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Why GreenSmart?

What can you expect from a GreenSmart builder?

Accredited GreenSmart Professionals will focus on three key elements to make a difference – energy efficiency, waste management and preventing pollution from your site during building.

What are GreenSmart Professionals?

GreenSmart Professionals are:

  • Schooled in environmental building skills
  • Committed to the GreenSmart Code of Practice.
  • Accredited nationally under the Housing Industry Associations GreenSmart program.

A home designed around GreenSmart principles will:

  • Need minimum heating and cooling.
  • Be naturally cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Allow you to enjoy the best of natural ventilation.
  • Have lower running costs.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the environment.

Waste minimisation in the building process will:

  • Reduce landfill and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Conserve valuable resources by recycling.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Make a cleaner safer site.
  • Make a cleaner world.

Choosing a GreenSmart home construction process will:

  • Prevent the loss of soil, sediment and litter from the site.
  • Protect our waterways by controlling the escape of pollution from the site, especially with rain.
  • Demonstrate a tangible commitment to a cleaner environment.

The Benefits to you

For more information on how to make a difference, call the HIA Consumer hotline on 1902 973 555

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