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The #1 award-winning eco-home design and building company on the South Coast. 

At True North Design Co, we design clever, comfortable and thoughtfully-crafted homes. 

With more than 30 years of expertise and experience, we’ve helped to design and build hundreds of beautiful eco-houses on the South Coast.

Great design is at the heart of everything we do.

After all, when you consider that 90% of a building’s performance and cost is decided at the design stage,
poor design is just not an option.

Our focus on GreenSmart home design will save you money, provide 5-star comfort, meet your unique needs and protect the environment. Because great design shouldn’t cost the earth.

Whether you’re looking for a renovation or a complete new build, we’ll tailor our design services to meet your needs.

Get in touch today or click here to learn more about our services, including design only, design and build, and design, tender and estimating packages.

How can we help?

Looking for land to build on?

Free consultation
Research costs (incuding preparing
brief for Real Estate Agents)
Site analysis for your new home
Project evaluation
Cost estimate report
Design suggestions

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Have your land, but need a design?

Energy efficient house design
Review of project brief
Project site analysis
Original design
Quality pre-designed house plan with tender documents included
In-house estimates within 24hrs

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Advice on where to start
Renovation consultation package
Preparation of design briefs
CAD modelling design options / indicative pricing.

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Want to know what to look out for when choosing a piece of land? Wondering what simple design changes can maximise your home’s energy efficiency?

Send your question using the button below, and Tony, our design lead, will be in touch.


Valley View

Please click here to see an 8 star energy rated house facing True North.


“Having good ideas, understanding the landscape, staying true to the brief, keeping a control on the budget and being open to suggestions, is exactly what you need from a design team. True North delivered on all these counts and also provided great guidance in the selection of a builder, as unfortunately the property is too far away for Tony to build the house!”

Lyn Aitken, Sydney.

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Our Design Process

A detailed explanation of what to expect and the steps along the way.
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  • Purpose designed, energy-efficient solutions to increase your investment
  • Over 30 years building experience
  • Assessment of the viability of building designs and systems
  • Project assessments for energy and cost efficiencies
  • Award-winning house designs
  • Cutting edge building plans using CAD technology
  • Renovation advice from experienced engineers and builders
  • In-house estimating systems

How can we help you?