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Our Environmental Philosophy

Sustainable, Energy Efficient Home Design & Construction

We are committed to the design & construction of environmentally sustainable homes on the NSW South Coast.

Our homes are designed to respond to site conditions, optimise lifestyle, maximise energy efficiency & protect the natural environment.

Considerations such as the following are taken into account in every home we design and/or build.

  • Optimal solar orientation & use of passive solar heating and cooling to save you money year after year.
  • Consideration of local climatic characteristics to provide maximum comfort in your new home
  • Smarter use of water to minimise environmental impact and reduce your rates
  • Effective insulation across the whole building envelope to minimise heating and cooling costs & maximise comfort
  • Assisting home-owners to waste less and recycle more
  • Improving energy efficiency throughout the home
  • To reduce waste and environmental impact from the building process during construction
  • To eliminate or minimise the use of toxic materials in construction with options such as low VOC paints and other materials
  • Smarter use of energy to maximise efficiency of energy use from both electricity and from nature

Why Choose True North Design?

  • Because we know that 90% of a building’s performance and cost is decided at the design stage. To us poor design is not an option.
  • After 30 years professional building experience and 20 years designing award winning sustainable homes, our reputation has grown due to our universal client appreciation and satisfaction.
  • We use ‘state of the art’ technology to develop your individual design into a 3D virtual model.
  • Our sophisticated estimating and engineering software guarantees you a reliable estimate which we will fine tune to your individual needs.
  • This is why we are the leaders in Energy Efficient design and building, setting the benchmark for our competitors.
  • Our company has been endorsed as a HIA GreenSmart Professional (since 1999) and proud to be a HIA Gold member (since 1994).

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